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Psychiatric Genocide [1993]
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As described in this issue’s cover story, “Psychiatric Genocide,” wholesale murder and rape have been and are being committed in the former nation of Yugoslavia in alignment with a strategy of “ethnic cleansing” outlined by psychiatrists Jovan Raskovic and Radovan Karadzic.

One can see in this unfortunate region the devastation that occurs when psychiatrists and people they have victimized are permitted to run things.

Over the years, FREEDOM and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights have documented through a myriad of examples how individual psychiatrists, with such “therapies” as electric shocks and mind-destroying drugs, make people more violent.

In Yugoslavia, we have a larger example of psychiatry at work. Two psychiatrists and a handful of those they have “treated” have bathed the Balkans in blood.

Despite these psychiatrists’ criminal actions and their genocidal results, the World Psychiatric Association and the World Federation for Mental Health have done nothing to halt their colleagues’ barbaric atrocities.

While psychiatrists Raskovic and Karadzic fanned the flames of ethnic hatred, these international psychiatric bodies remained mute. Through the mass killings and gang rapes, these organizations have done nothing.

“Ethnic Cleansing” Parallels Nazi “Racial Hygiene”: It is easy to see parallels between the psychiatric-instigated genocide of Muslims, Bosnians and Croats and the Nazis’ actions against the Jews, Gypsies and other minorities.

In its October 1991 issue, FREEDOM described the role played by psychiatrist Ernst Rudin as top Nazi ideologist and chief architect of the Nazis’ racial hygiene program.

Rudin was the creator of “psychiatric genetics,” a “science” aimed at persuading society to eliminate those who were deemed “unfit” for a master race. Rudin launched his campaign of evil almost three decades before the Nazis came to power in 1933.

In 1943, long after the Nazi Holocaust had commenced, Rudin wrote:

“It is the unfailing historical merit of Adolf Hitler and his true followers that they take the first decisive step that opened the way to ingenious racial hygienic work in and on the German people.

“It was important to him and his fight the parasitic races of foreign blood such as the Jews and the Gypsies, and to further increase the population according to quantity and quality and prevent the propagation of the hereditarily ill and hereditarily inferior.”

In 1944, Rudin was presented with a top Nazi honor, a medal emblazoned with the Nazi eagle and the words: “To Prof. Rudin, pathfinder in the field of hereditary hygiene, from the Fuhrer....” Hitler, the most infamous mass murderer of this century, was also its most notorious psychiatric failure. Between 1936 and 1945, his personal doctor, Theodore Morell, was injecting him with the psychiatric drugs Eukodal (a narcotic similar to morphine and codeine) and Pervitin (a methamphetamine). Both are highly addictive and both produce such adverse effects as euphoria and dysphoria. Pervitin also brings about severe social disabilities, personality changes and psychosis.

Additional evidence shows that at the end of World War I, Hitler had been in the hands of psychiatrist Edmund Forster at a hospital north of Berlin where Hitler’s ideas were transformed into a “vision” to lead Germany to greatness.

When psychiatrists, their failures, and their theories run things, we have a Nazi Germany or a Serbian-decimated Bosnia.

Wherever governments support psychiatry, as here in the United States, we see an increase in society’s problems — including violence, crime, drug abuse and illiteracy — and freedom itself is at risk.

Psychiatry’s Assault on Civilization: One might wonder why the international psychiatric organizations have not taken any effective actions to resolve the situation in Bosnia, or to ease increasing racial and ethnic tensions in other parts of the world, such as Germany.

The facts show that psychiatric groups like the World Federation for Mental Health and the World Psychiatric Association have been orchestrating a full-scale assault on civilization itself.

While Nazi psychiatrist Ernst Rudin was pushing forward plans for the extermination of millions of people under the banner of racial and mental hygiene, psychiatrist J.R. Rees, a World Federation for Mental Health co-founder, laid out psychiatry’s strategy with colleagues at the British National Council for Mental Hygiene on June 18, 1940. Rees stated:

“Especially since the last World War we have done much to infiltrate the various social organizations...and in their point of view one can see clearly how the principles for which this society [the National Council for Mental Hygiene] and others stood in the past have become accepted as part of the ordinary working plan of these various bodies.

“That is as it should be, and while we can take heart from this we must be healthily discontented and realize that there is still more work to be done along this line.

“Similarly we have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine. Anyone whose memory goes back for even a dozen years can realize how big a change has been effected in the outlook of professional people, while certainly anyone with vision can see how much still remains to be done.

“If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!...Let us all, therefore, very secretly be ‘fifth columnists.’”

“The very basis of human rights is freedom from false accusations and from brutality and punishment without offense.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Eradication of the Concept of Right and Wrong: In 1945, even before the fires of the Second World War could cool, another co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, psychiatrist Brock Chisolm, set the cornerstone of psychiatry’s postwar plans — the elimination of morality.

In Washington, D.C., at a meeting on “Reestablishment of Peacetime Society,” Chisolm stated that one of the “objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy” was “The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong.”

With society’s institutions infiltrated and taken over, and with no concept of right and wrong to guide man, he could be manipulated by psychiatrists. Psychiatrists such as Raskovic and Karadzic could exploit their positions and bring about the wholesale rape, torture and murder of innocent women and children and the destruction of a whole nation.

A Hope for Peace: Governments the world over would be wise to root out the sources of the decline of their educational systems, the cause for widespread drug abuse, rising crime and violence, and increased racial and ethnic tensions and hostilities in their countries — psychiatry and psychology.

Without the government funds it parasitically drains from governments to support its destruction of society, psychiatry would experience a quick and — for the rest of us — painless death. A fitting end.

On the gravestone of psychiatry two words would be chiseled as a warning for future generations: “Psychiatry Kills.”

When the Bosnian Serbs remove Radovan Karadzic as their political and military leader, there will be hope for peace and calm in the region.

And the world can look forward to a more peaceful day when the true plague of mankind — psychiatry — and its destructive treatments are cast aside.

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