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 A continuing series featuring the history and heritage of Clearwater (...)

Downtown Clearwater's Renaissance:
Creativity, Commerce and Culture Reborn

As construction of the new Memorial Causeway Bridge nears completion, Clearwater’s downtown revivalists accelerate the city’s ongoing make-over in 2004.

As many here recall, there was a time not long ago when the commercial and cultural lifeblood of the Clearwater community flowed outward from downtown. That was where we went to do business, where we saw our insurance man, got an ice cream cone, shopped the department stores, bought our kids’ school clothes as fall drew near. Within easy reach were the movie theatre and the hospital, the churches and the banks. Read the latest Freedom On-line

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For the past three quarters of a century the Fort Harrison has ruled as the city’s most recognizable landmark and center for its social life. The Fort Harrison
Contributing to Economic Development Since 1927
Elite runners take off at the start of the annual Say No To Drugs Classic Tight Team Zeros in on Creating a Better Community

Scout Master Ed Clark - Scientologists in the Community
Scientologists in the Community: Scout Master Ed Clark

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Freedom in Clearwater - Issue #18Freedom Magazine, Published by the Church of Scientology 
Clearwater Freedom Issue 18
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Providing a Helping Hand - Clearwater Freedom Clearwater's Volunteer Ministers - Providing a Helping Hand
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Rev. Mary StoryClearwater Looks to Its Future by Rev. Mary Story

You may on occasion have run into members of the Church of Scientology who work, live, or visit the Clearwater and greater Tampa Bay area. They come from all walks of life and from the four corners of the globe.

And wherever you may encounter them, there is a good chance you have noticed their positive outlook on life. You may also notice that Scientologists tend to care about their communities — whether their stay in town is temporary or permanent — and that they are often engaged in community activities. (...)

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