Secret Clearwater Police Slush Fund Revealed

Millions misappropriated to silence “critics”

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ity Commissioner Ed Hooper recently told the Clearwater Times, “If [the Church of Scientology] can prove what they say, [Police Chief] Sid [Klein] ought to be in prison.”

     Whether or not Klein ought to be in prison is a matter for appropriate authorities to decide. But indisputable new evidence confirms a picture of complicity and intrigue totally inappropriate for an officer sworn to uphold the peace and serve the community.

Covert slush fund on the city’s dime

     Those familiar with police undercover work know that such an operation may run for a few months or half a year, or perhaps, in very rare cases, up to a year or two.

     Anything longer is virtually unheard of. After all, somebody has to foot the bill. But where in the world could such an effort carry on for more than 15 years – at taxpayer expense and with no visible result – and still be going?

     If you guessed Clearwater, you would be right.

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Among the last holdovers from Clearwater’s most embarrassing era are Police Chief Sid Klein (top). Working alongside him in a corrupt police intelligence operation bent on a repetition of history is Deputy Chief Paul Maser.

     Under the unlikely name of “Calzone Pizza,” this operation is one of the Clearwater police’s darkest secrets, a case study in rogue operations by maverick cops. For more than two years, Freedom has been investigating Calzone Pizza and recent revelations and comments from a former player in that operation indicate that a complete picture may soon be blown into view.

     It was first uncovered in the Spring of 1995, when representatives of an out-of-state hate group, the old Cult Awareness Network (CAN), scheduled a conference in Clearwater.

     Many of this group’s leaders and top members had criminal records, including for kidnapping, rape, assault and other crimes of violence. The group itself was found guilty in connection with the deprogramming of a young Christian man in Washington state and was ultimately liquidated and shut down in the face of a multimillion-dollar jury verdict.

     CAN’s Clearwater conference itself was nefarious enough: its focus was to “expose” and attack various churches, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Such conduct was certainly consistent for a group whose last executive director, Cynthia Kisser, said that “If [Jesus Christ] were alive now, we’d take an interest in him because of the great controversy surrounding his fringe activities. ... And I’d send whatever we could find to reporters.”

     But that was only the beginning. One keynote speaker was a man so violent he had actually threatened to kill his own son and daughter-in-law and “feed [them] to the coyotes”: Andre Tabayoyon. In fact, at the time of his visit to Clearwater, this man was under judicial restraining orders due to his history of violence.

Secret Clearwater Police Slush Fund Revealed continued...

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