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Lt. Ray Emmons’ Calzone Pizza “investigation” was so off-the-wall the State Attorney’s Office warned him a U.S. Attorney might “put your ass in jail for obstructing justice.”

     A closer examination of public records reveals even more which begs explanation – involving the very same Lt. Ray Emmons who is so central to the Calzone Pizza operation. A remarkable passage from an otherwise totally blacked-out document from 1984 shows Emmons and Chief Klein meeting with a Clearwater Sun reporter who was doing police bidding by agreeing to suppress stories – further evidence of police collusion with the media. Again – this is the portion the police were willing to disclose; one can only imagine what impropriety would be found behind the extensive redactions.

     Further, Emmons’ investigation, conducted in part through Calzone Pizza – and which seemed relevant to the Sun’s suppressed story – was later revealed as so off-the-wall that a transcript of Emmons’ conversation with the State Attorney’s Office shows Emmons being nailed for possible obstruction of justice. Specifically, that he had better give his “meddling” a rest or the U.S. Attorney “[will] put your ass in jail for obstructing justice.”

     Yet the real point is that the Clearwater Sun reporter who was then doing police bidding, suppressing articles for Klein and Emmons, turns out to be George Wayne Shelor – who today serves as the Clearwater PD’s anti-Scientology hatchet man and spokesperson. He is also one of the officers who has maintained his silence in the face of questions over the Calzone Pizza operation.

Shelor’s identity crisis

     More recently, Church staff encountered George Wayne Shelor complaining to a reporter about the State Attorney’s Office with regard to its handling of Scientology. That is, he wanted more “aggressive” action.

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Clearwater undercover police officer Ray Emmons put hostile witnesses up in fancy beach hotels at taxpayer expense.

     It would not be the first time that Shelor has attempted to put pressure on the State Attorney’s Office to do something about Scientology. A January 13, 1983, press clipping quotes Shelor as stating, “The City should contact the State Attorney’s Office. I don’t like what’s happening to the City and we have to get the State’s Attorney off his duff.” That article has an accompanying photo of Shelor speaking with reporters in front of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater while passing out anti-Scientology leaflets – giving his campaign platform in his bid for the City Commission. Once again, precisely the type of activity that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals found “patently offensive to the First Amendment.” In fact, had Shelor made it onto the City Commission there is no doubt that he would have made it into the 11th Circuit’s opinion.

     But more to the point, it seems that Shelor has a problem with too many identities.

     First, he’s a Clearwater Sun reporter who, instead of objectively reporting the news, is involved in coordinating the timing and placement of articles with Clearwater police and the “Calzone Pizza” operation in order to cause maximal damage to those he wants to harm; then he is a Clearwater City Commissioner candidate who passes out leaflets in front of the Church, bad-mouthing the State Attorney’s Office; then he is a Police spokesman coordinating hits on the Church of Scientology and intimidation campaigns against the State Attorney.

     Perhaps he has something uniquely in common with his superiors, Klein and Emmons: a more than slight difficulty keeping his true motives and clandestine operations hidden from view.END

Documents show Calzone Pizza at the center
of activities condemned by federal authorities.

     Freedom’s investigation into Chief Klein’s “Calzone Pizza” operation continues. At least one former Clearwater PD officer and player in that clandestine operation is talking, and has said (under condition of anonymity) that Freedom “[is] getting close to blowing the lid off the entire operation.” The editors and researchers of Freedom invite all with potentially relevant information to come forward.

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