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A document from the files of the Medical Examiner’s office betrays the true genesis of the McPherson “investigation": a Calzone cop from Clearwater PD, searching in the morgue for anything with which to harass Scientologists, taking a tip from “the German press.”

     This evidence and these uncontroverted conclusions explode a year of lies which have been promoted by the Times, Chief Klein, Police PR Officer George Wayne Shelor and others in furtherance of a blatant campaign against the Church. Yet how many Catholics, Protestants and Jews died in the two year period since Ms. McPherson died? Or for that matter, what about the 64 other deaths which went unsolved by the Clearwater police last year? How many were featured in front-page Times stories?

     Factually, based on independent surveys, Scientologists have the lowest mortality rate of virtually any segment of the Florida population. Scientologists apparently aren’t allowed to die in peace.

     Going a step further, why hasn’t the Times told you of the Church programs in which Lisa McPherson took an active role alongside hundreds of fellow Scientologists, such as the Church’s annual “Winter Wonderland,” a wintertime entertainment event in Clearwater for children and adults, drawing tens of thousands of residents? Or the Pinellas Foster Children’s party, an annual event bringing Christmas cheer to thousands of foster children and their families? Or the Church’s many other charitable projects including the “Hands of Hope Quilt” presented to First Lady Hillary Clinton by the children and Church volunteers who helped create it?

     And why didn’t the Times tell you of the some 7,000 who turned up for a celebratory ceremony to rename a city street in honor of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles? Did they not find it newsworthy that city and state officials in attendance all agreed that they supported the name change because they had personally witnessed the great contributions Mr. Hubbard and the Church have made to the local community – in drug programs, education programs, and other volunteer activities? And what of the charitable and social activities of the Church found in virtually all corners of the globe, very much including Clearwater? Or the literacy projects operating within miles of the Times own offices to bring reading skills to those who otherwise would never even be able to grasp a newspaper headline?

     Unfortunately, it is all too consistent with one unfortunate truism: That the Times doesn’t care at all about how or why a Scientologist passed away. They certainly didn’t care about Lisa McPherson in life, and they don’t care about her in death – except to use her as a means to more sordid ends. The time has long past for this entire matter to be fully investigated, so that the full picture of dishonesty and corruption can be exposed. END

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