Illegal Acts by Clearwater Police Department

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Keith Henson in police custody after an arrest in Los Angeles. During another arrest, Henson savagely bit the person attempting to enforce a restraining order. His former wife charged him with molesting his own daughter. But in Clearwater, he is one of Klein’s “good old boys.”

Aiding and protecting violent, convicted offenders

vidence from the Clearwater PD’s own files establishes beyond doubt the urgent need for an outside investigation into illegal activities committed, or at least condoned, by Chief Sid Klein and members of his inner sanctum.

     Deputy Chief Paul Maser, PR Officer George Wayne Shelor, Officer Thomas Miller and Sergeant Wayne Andrews are among those impeached by documents obtained under Florida’s Sunshine Law.

“Protesters”: the real story

     Consider the small circle of malcontents who repeatedly travel to Clearwater from out of town to “demonstrate” about the Church of Scientology. They are always welcomed by Chief Klein and his cohorts, who ensure they are provided all the “best” service and protection.

     Klein’s “protesters” describe themselves as “critics” of Scientology. Chief Klein and his publicists at the St. Petersburg Times all reinforce this identity.

     Yet an honest look at these people – in their own actual words and deeds which never get published in the St. Petersburg Times – makes clear the outrage that they are supported by our chief guardian of law and order.

     One Klein friend, for example, had a colleague who sent a message to the Church saying, “When you come for me, you can meet my shotgun; I intend to shoot first and ask questions later. I fully intend to kill. ...”

     These attributes apparently qualify them for top treatment from the Clearwater Police, including police escort, and barring Scientologists from a press conference they called.

     Then there is Keith Henson, who has been charged with child abuse – specifically, by his former wife, of molesting his own daughter.

     He was twice arrested in Los Angeles for violating restraining orders issued to prevent him from harming Scientology parishioners. During his second arrest, Henson bit one of the men who attempted to direct him off Church property. Henson has also filled the Internet with his psychotic threats of violence against the Church, including “smashing,” “killing” and “burn[ing].”

     To Sid Klein, charged with keeping the peace, these are apparently legitimate terms of “criticism.” Their threats may be alarming, their sentiments grotesque, but they are “anti-Scientology” —so Klein rolls out the red carpet.

Illegal Acts by Clearwater Police Department continued...

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