Andre Tabayoyon, a man so violent he has been subject to multiple judicial restraining orders, has even threatened to kill his son and his daughter-in-law, “chop[ping] [her] up into pieces and feed[ing] her to coyotes.” Yet Klein rolled out the red carpet—and the services and protection of Calzone Pizza cops.

“Burglaries, extortions and other crimes”

     Also among Minton’s recent “gifts” is a house on Vashon Island, Washington, worth roughly $250,000, for “critic” Robert Vaughn Young, another $30,000 for a pet project of Young’s wife, Stacy, plus $10,000 cash.

     Klein’s reliance on Young is doubly discreditable. Now that Young is a rabid anti-Scientologist, he qualifies for Klein’s “good old boy” status. The police chief even spent more taxpayer funds (or Minton bankroll dollars) flying Sergeant Andrews to Seattle to get Young’s “advice” in the Lisa McPherson “investigation” —despite the fact that Young never once met McPherson.

     But there is apparently another side to Young. According to one Clearwater Police document obtained under the Sunshine Act,Klein associate Lieutenant Ray Emmons reported that “Young was also involved in many criminal ventures including burglaries, extortions and other crimes.”

     These are felony offenses. What have Klein and his crew done to prosecute Young? Nothing. Why? Because he is attacking the Church of Scientology and that makes him a great guy in their book.

     Another possibility is more likely: The “crime” report is a total fabrication – written at the time when Young was a Scientologist and therefore a target for Klein disinformation and discrimination. Certainly Young never mentioned any such offenses to anyone while he was in the Church nor since.

More money

     Cash assistance to “sources” is not the only form of Minton aid, as it was recently revealed that he has been monetarily supporting Tampa lawyer Kennan Dandar’s litigation against the Church of Scientology.

     Dandar played an essential role in Klein’s and Maser’s campaign after they ignited the controversy in the Lisa McPherson case. Taking the next step in the “noisy” campaign threatened by Wayne Andrews, Dandar threw oil on the St. Petersburg Times’ fire by threatening to file, and then filing, a lawsuit.

     Dandar originally sought to keep the full details of Minton’s involvement secret – a fact which is hardly surprising when you look at what this case consists of: A church is sued for $80 million by an aunt who never really knew the deceased and never spoke to her during her adult life. Dandar portrays himself as a philanthropist coming to the aid of the defenseless while in fact having been provided $100,000, a promise of $250,000 more, and turnkey “expert” witnesses who have been purchased to the tune of $260,000. All paid for by the retired “investor,” Robert Minton. It may not be illegal for an automobile-accident lawyer to claim a ludicrous $80 million in a baseless lawsuit. But the other details briefly describedabove are highly questionable at least – the sort of circumstances you might expect a police chief to investigate rather than applaud.

     The list of bigoted and dishonest individuals linked in the campaign of hate that has rotated around Klein and his gang for more than a decade could fill pages. The above is just a sample.

     There are many fine officers in the Clearwater Police department. They would continue doing a good job whether they were told they were appreciated or not. This story is not about them. It is about a despicable cabal of bigoted law enforcement officers who cast the law aside the moment it thwarts their purpose. This is the truth. The facts are all documented and it is in the interests of every person in Clearwater that a credible outside investigation move forward. END

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