Discriminatory Police Policies Documented

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Chief Klein and other officers even went so far as to create a new discriminatory filing system. Imagine the outrage if complaints were filed by the religion of the victim. Police records reveal precisely that, and more.
n a community known for its friendliness and hospitality, senior officials in the Clearwater Police department have entered black marks against the city’s otherwise good name through an ongoing pattern of bald-faced acts of discrimination and uneven treatment.

     In one incident, a Scientologist on a downtown street was harassed, shoved and assaulted by a transient, who demanded money. When a Clearwater PD officer arrived on the scene, he simply allowed the assailant to walk free even though this troublemaker, who had just been warned against trespassing at a local shelter, turned out to be an ex-convict on parole.

     In another instance that evinced a thoroughly strange view of law enforcement when it comes to Scientologists, a Church security guard detained a man who had slashed the paint on several cars with a sharp object; when Clearwater PD officers arrived on the scene, however, they released the man and accused the security guard of improperly detaining the vandal.

     A distraught woman called the Clearwater PD to report that she had been the victim of a sexual assault and to ask for assistance. She made it known she was a Scientologist, and the police dragged their heels in getting to the scene of the crime. Then, in an astonishing disregard for justice and the woman’s welfare, they were only too quick to release the suspect once they arrived. They dismissed his attack as a “minor offense” and claimed they had insufficient grounds to detain the assailant.

     After a temporary staff member stole more than $4,000 from the Church and disappeared with it, the Church filed a criminal complaint with a police investigator. When the police found the woman, they took her into the police station. But instead of following routine procedures and questioning the suspect about the theft, they joked with her about the Church’s beliefs and asked her questions about the Church – its beliefs, the activities of Church staff members, and even about individual donations to the Church. The woman was never prosecuted, and the stolen money was never returned to the Church.

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