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While Sid Klein’s Calzone Pizza squad was coordinating a dozen deadbeats “protesting” at the Church in Clearwater, other officers were assigned to intimidate the peaceful Scientology rally at Police Department headquarters, including continuous intelligence videotaping.

     CHURCH STATEMENT: Chief Klein had police officers steal Church materials or allowed theft from the Church to go unpunished.


  • After a temporary staff member stole more than $4,000 from the Church and disappeared with it, the Church filed a criminal complaint with a police investigator. When the police found the woman, they took her into the police station. But instead of following routine procedures and questioning the suspect about the theft, they joked with her about the Church’s beliefs and questioned her about the Church, the activities of Church staff members, and even about individual donations to the Church. The woman was never prosecuted, and the stolen money was never returned.

  • In another instance, someone tried to steal a religious artifact from Church premises, was caught red-handed and turned over to the police. Yet instead of returning the stolen property to its rightful owners, records show the officers involved—at the direction of Chief Klein—held onto it for examination and “testing,” even sending it to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Staff there were bewildered by Klein’s exercise and returned the artifact to the department—where it remained for further unspecified scrutiny. In summary, Clearwater police officers stole property stolen from the Church.

  • Certain officers also accumulated a wide range of books and study materials about Scientology, even sending undercover police into the Church to obtain some of them.

    St. Petersburg Times Propaganda Rules “Patently Offensive” continued...

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