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     That wasn’t good enough for Clearwater Police department intelligence. They persuaded their old friend Joan Wood to re-open the McPherson case to use a vehicle to launch a vicious assault on Scientology. Another fact you have not reported in your paper is that the first act of the new investigation—now being run by the “Calzone Pizza” boys—was to start making threatening phone calls to a Church attorney stating they would get the attorney thrown in jail because he was not capable of producing an individual who no longer lived in the country and threatening that somebody in the Church was going to be charged with manslaughter. And the next thing we knew—the autopsy report had been “accidentally” leaked to the media—and you were off and running on your latest hate campaign.

     You’ve manipulated this story every which way. One can’t tell whether you’re referring to these previous deaths that are of such a low percentage of the Scientology population as to undercut the mortality rates of any other group in all of Florida, if not the country, to serve as an hysteria nudge to the State Attorney to act on your current cause célèbre. Or is your premise that the death of another Scientologist you hated to the core, and yet who was loved by Scientologists, Lisa McPherson, raises concern that causes you to look into these other deaths and then create your own mysterious circumstances?

     While I detailed some of the atrocious lies you spread concerning the other deaths, let’s take up Lisa McPherson and the facts you’ve had in your possession and have refused to print.

     A) While Joan Wood is making all sorts of representations on tabloid TV and in the St. Petersburg Times concerning Lisa McPherson’s death, and she signed the autopsy, she in fact did not perform any part of that autopsy and was not in attendance.

     B) The person who did perform the autopsy, Dr. Robert Davis, does not concur with Joan Wood’s conclusions.

     C) Davis had 25 autopsies incomplete when he left the Pinellas/Pasco Medical Examiner’s office. Of those, he has since signed off on 24—all but Lisa McPherson.

     D) Davis refuses to sign off on the McPherson autopsy report since he can’t do so without looking at his original notes taken concurrently with the autopsy—standard operating procedure for a medical examiner. He cannot do that because Joan Wood claims that they are missing.

     E) Joan Wood also ordered Davis, while he was in his new position in Daytona Beach, to not speak to the media, State Attorney or the police. You don’t think that’s obstruction of justice?

     F) The tissue sample slides we were provided so we could do our own independent medical examination were incomplete. We only received 19 slides, in response to a court order, from Joan Wood. Yet, we finally received slides via the State Attorney and it turns out there were 21. It is also notable that Joan Wood tried to get Dr. Davis to support her position and forwarded to him copies of the 19 slides she gave us. Again, there were not 21—just 19. The two missing slides prove conclusively that Joan Wood made up her tabloid TV allegations with no basis in fact.

     G) Four independent State medical examiners, all of them respected as foremost expert pathologists, have unequivocally concluded that the cause of death can only be listed as accidental. The death was sudden and unpredictable and could not have been prevented, even if Ms. McPherson were in a hospital.

     H) Never in history has any coroner gone on tabloid television to release the findings of their autopsy.

     I) Never in history has any coroner involved with an autopsy, especially one who did not perform the autopsy, coordinate with the media and police in reviewing past deaths in order to provide fuel for indictment by innuendo.

The Facts the St. Petersburg Times Propaganda Suppressed continued...

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