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Creativity, Commerce and Culture Reborn

Clearwater Looks to Its Future by Rev. Mary Story
Downtown Clearwater's Renaissance
Creativity, Commerce and Culture Reborn
The Fort Harrison: Contributing to Economic Development Since 1927
Scientology's Clearwater Community Volunteers
Scientologists in the Community — Ed Clark: Scout Master
Clearwater Activists Help Spearhead Worldwide Solution to Learning Challenges
The Door to Learning... and a Bright Future
The deadly price of Mother's Little Helper
Citizen's Commision on Human Rights of Florida
Focusing the Light of Truth on Psychiatric Abuse
The Aims of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard

Providing a Helping Hand

The Spirit of Helping by Rev. Mary Story
Clearwater’s Volunteer Ministers – Providing a Helping Hand
Fort Harrison Anniversary Celebration Calendar
A New Landmark Comes to Life The combined efforts of Gulf architectual and construction firms enter final phases
The History of Clearwater Part XII: Clearwater’s Early Boom Years 1920-1927
Downtown Clearwater: A Season of Winter Festivities
“Kid’s Closet” Providing Help and Hope to Clearwater’s Foster Children
Narconon: A Real Solution to the Problem of Drugs
Making Human Rights a Fact: Citizen’s Commision on Human Rights honors educators
Sharon Hillestad: Improving Education – a Freedom interview
Love and Help Children

“Welcome to the Fort Harrison Hotel”

Scientology in Clearwater
“Welcome to the Fort Harrison Hotel”
A Vibrant Part of the Community
Community Attends Milestone Celebration
Images of a Lifetime
L. Ron Hubbard
The Fort Harrison: Its Heritage and Tradition
Scientologists in Clearwater
You Are Always Welcome At the Fort Harrison
My Philosophy by L. Ron Hubbard

The Fort Harrison 75 Years in the Heart of Clearwater

Scientology in Clearwater
The Fort Harrison 75 Years in the Heart of Clearwater
Starbucks Now Brewing
Holiday Spirit Lives On in Clearwater
New Facilities are “Assets to Downtown”
History of the Sandcastle and the Osceola Inn
Tampa Bay Area Residents Join “Ground Zero” Relief Efforts
Helping on the Front Lines
Community Spirit Lives On
Making Clearwater Safe
Literacy: The Key to Handling Urban Blight
The Solution: L. Ron Hubbard Education, Literacy & Civilization
International News Church Spearheads International Campaign Against Drugs
Creating a World Without Drugs
Drug-Free Marshals Keeping Youth off Drugs
Meeting the Demand Drug Rehabilitation Program Opens New Doors
Florida Children in Jeopardy
A hub for families, entertainment Events Year-Round Attract Record Numbers
Clearwater in World War II Local Citizens Welcomed Troops Bound for Combat
What Is Scientology? Fundamentals of a Fast-Growing Religion
Did you know?
Do Not Harm A Person of Goodwill by L. Ron Hubbard

New Building Project to Bring Life and Beauty to Downtown

Scientology in Clearwater
New Building Project to Bring Life and Beauty to Downtown
See the Church’s New Building Plans — on Video!
Annual Tribute Draws Record Numbers
Help Amid the Ruins
Assists: A Short Description
City Makes L. Ron Hubbard Way a “Model Project”
What is Scientology?
Inside the Clearwater Fire Department
Building Character, Instilling Values
A Description of the Scientology Religion
History of Clearwater Series Part X
The War Years: 1942-43

Pinellas Trail Makes a Colorful Downtown Debut
“Cool” Clearwater Police Officer Takes Fast, Effective Action Against Terrorism
Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
Be Competent by L. Ron Hubbard
About The Way to Happiness
You are Always Welcome

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