Overcoming the Barriers to Study

     Utilizing proven methods, children in Compton, Hollywood, Lynwood and many other communities are today learning to read in a matter of hours. A thirst for learning returns — or dawns newly — after a few short sessions with an Applied Scholastics tutor. At-risk youth are turning their lives around.

     Applied Scholastics produces literate readers so rapidly, in fact, that students have jumped as many as five grade levels in reading proficiency after only a few hours of tutoring.

     Students who can already read but who are bogged in their studies are instructed in a precise technology of how to study — a subject virtually ignored in curricula of public and private schools. They learn what the barriers to study are that block a student from learning and can even destroy the desire to learn. Armed with workable techniques to overcome these barriers, students are helped to apply that information to their current studies.

     The discovery of the existence of these barriers constitute a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of education and the techniques used in overcoming them by Applied Scholastics are utilized throughout the world, with more and more taking advantage of these methods with each passing year.

     Recently in Mexico, for example, more than 1,200 public school teachers in that nation were trained in the basics of study technology, with excellent classroom results reported. And closer to home, a panel of educators and parents employed by California’s Department of Education completed a study into appropriate uses of Applied Scholastics’ books which contain the full scope of study technology.

     The panel’s conclusion was that all of Applied Scholastics’ books deserve to be included on the list of supplementary materials approved for use by California public schools. This green-lights all public schools who wish to utilize study technology in any public classroom, in any subject, in conjunction with any curriculum. The natural demand by teachers for study technology can now be satisfied throughout California.


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