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Press Release


In the aftermath of each act of random, lethal violence by youth in our schools, an appalled nation asks: Why?

Now, an in-depth investigation featured in Freedom Magazine, the investigative reporting journal of the Church of Scientology International, sheds new light on the cause of violence in society among youth.

“It is time to take a closer look at the possibility that seemingly random scenes in society’s patchwork quilt of senseless violence contain a common thread,” says Freedom senior editor Tom Whittle, co-author of Freedom’s current cover story: “The Hidden Hand of Violence.”

Citing new and little-known evidence, including statements from child behavioral experts and scientific studies, Whittle and co-writer Mark Stout point to an unmistakable pattern of adolescent killers having taken one or more psychiatric drugs known to have adverse effects – ranging from mania and impaired judgment to violent and suicidal tendencies.

The authors list a number of the notorious instances of youth violence, documenting that these teens had one for one been under the influence of psychiatric drugs, including:

  • Eric Harris, who was taking Luvox, led a shooting spree at Colorado’s Columbine High School, killing 13 before he and his partner took their own lives.

  • Kip Kinkel, who was taking both Prozac and Ritalin, first shot and killed his parents, and then went on a rampage in his Springfield, Oregon, high school killing two and injuring 22.

  • Sam Manzie, whose psychiatric treatment included Paxil, raped and strangled to death an 11-year-old boy who came to his New Jersey home selling items door to door for the local PTA.

  • Jeremy Strohmeyer, one week after starting on Dexedrine, raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl in a ladies’ room in a Las Vegas casino;

  • T.J. Solomon, who was being treated with Ritalin, opened fire on and wounded six classmates at his Georgia high school.

    Authorities such as Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D. and Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, told Freedom that it is not so-called mental disorders causing youth to commit violence, but rather their psychiatric diagnoses and treatment.

    Baughman charges that diagnoses of such disorders as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD), allegedly biological precursors to aggressive and violent behavior, are “uniformly fraudulent. Not one of the `disruptive behavior disorders’,” says Baughman, “has been validated as a disease, or as anything biological or organic.” Yet millions of American school children have been diagnosed with such disorders and prescribed drugs.

    “If they’re on these kinds of drugs,” says Beverly Eakman, author and director of the National Education Consortium, “you’re apt to get a reaction that is really Bizarre — and often violent.”

    The future holds more of the same manufactured madness, say experts, unless the widespread and unnecessary doping of millions of children is recognized as the threat to society it is.

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    Freedom Magazine has investigated violations of human and civil rights for 31 years. Independent editions are published in 9 countries in 15 languages. For more information: email

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