We have identified one of the possible biological agents in GWI patients. In one of our published studies, about one-half of Gulf War veterans and their family members with GWI suffer from unusual chronic infections, as from the microorganism Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus), found in their white blood cells. This airborne infection can be successfully treated with multiple courses of antibiotics.

      Such infections are contagious and can produce the complex signs and symptoms of GWI long after exposure.

      In our testimony to Congress, we stated that there are at least four possible sources of the infectious agents found in GWI: contaminated vaccines, blowback from bombed chemical/ biological weapons factories and demolition of munitions bunkers, purposeful seeding of biological minefields using Italian-made biological agent sprayers, and SCUD B missile attacks using chemical/biological “skyburst” warheads.

      This would explain the higher frequencies of GWI found in Airborne and Special Forces units deployed deep in Iraq and in units under SCUD B attack behind the main lines of battle.

      The Pentagon has insisted for years that there was no evidence that U.S. forces were exposed to toxic weapons during the Gulf War. Yet in 1996, after one of us was invited to present our data on GWI to the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Dr. Steven Joseph, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, circulated to members of Congress a letter incorrectly stating that the microorganism we found in Gulf War veterans’ blood cells did not cause human disease.

Gulf War Illness Suffering Continues Continued...


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