Viewpoints - New Update

      I’m very interested in learning all I can about Jonestown. I can’t believe you got 39,000 pages of documents — incredible. ... I hope you plan on doing more articles based on what you find.

      — L.P., via Internet

      Our next article based on these FBI documents, released to Freedom under the Freedom of Information Act, is in the works.

      — Ed.

      I have read a number of articles from Freedom on the Internet and found them highly interesting. Especially because from what I have learned they were very much to the point. ... It is crystal clear that what I and many others were believing was absolutely wrong and inspired by very negative propaganda.

      I am a strong believer in the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the foundation for a truly free state. After reading Freedom magazine it became clear that we are on the same side.

      — P.M., via Internet

      I have been keeping an eye on your magazine on the web and think that you have a great thing going. Keep up the good work!

      — B.H., Arkansas, via Internet.

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