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Marriages of Convenience

      Because the scientific evidence shows that psychotropic drugs in particular are both dangerous and ineffective, one may ask how they became the “treatment” for almost anything that ails Americans. The answer, according to Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan of the University of Montana, is that they are propelled by “a tremendous marketing and promotional campaign.”

      Deceptive ads fill the pages of medical and psychiatric journals. “If you look at the pictures that go along with the advertising,” Sommers-Flanagan said, “you will see that they are often very young-looking people. Although if you look at the fine print under the Prozac ad, it would say ‘safety and efficacy for children has not been established.’”

      Exploiting visual images of young people to promote that a drug be used by youth — even though not approved for them — compares to replacing the Marlboro man with a junior high school student. But as reprehensible as this may be, it ranks among the least of the unethical practices used to convince America it should be a nation of pill poppers or, in the case of mint-flavored liquid Prozac — already approved by the FDA and available for prescription by doctors to children — drug drinkers.

      And America has become just that, thanks to the marriages of convenience in which the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the FDA and pharmaceutical companies enjoy power, prestige and profits at the expense of the American people.


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