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“Food Gestapo”

      Neither the FDA nor the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta have been able to document any health hazards associated with the use of nutritional products. The FDA does, however, have thousands of reports on file of drugs it has approved causing psychosis, violence, homicides, cancer, heart attacks and numerous other complications, even death. Its efforts to ban nutritional claims and make nutritional supplements available by prescription only seem suspiciously like a method of increasing public dependency on drugs by keeping the ingredients of good health out of reach.

      For the general public and for the health food and nutritional supplement industries, it’s an ongoing battle, with the odds presently stacked in favor of the FDA and drug company interests. With $700 million in taxpayer dollars at his disposal each year, Kessler operated a campaign to “protect” the public from beneficial nutrients and health foods which led one observer to label the agency the “Food Gestapo.”

      “The FDA and the drug companies are two faces of the same coin,” said attorney William Moore. “The FDA will always protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry because, to a large extent, the FDA is held captive by that industry. Typically, drug company executives have served a stint at the FDA. They know each other very well.”


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