NEWS - The Drugging of America

The Greater Tragedy

      Observers close to the scene in Louisville said that Judge Potter pursued the action because he believed the secret deal in his courtroom needed to be made public due to the large number of outstanding civil damages cases – believed to be in excess of 80 – against Prozac.

      Clearly, Lilly officials were afraid of the company’s misbehavior catching up with them. The Louisville case, however, is shaping up to be one that Lilly cannot buy its way out of.

      At this stage, the question is not whether matters will get worse for Lilly, but how much worse. The greater tragedy is that the deadly drug central to the case – and other dangerous drugs that have come before the FDA – have been turned loose on the public at large. The cost to the public in terms of human misery is, apparently, irrelevant; what matters is the money that can be raked in. With international sales in excess of $700 billion, and ever-larger amounts from that sum being dumped into the FDA to accelerate drug reviews, it’s hardly a strain to see that the bottom line is a dollar sign.

      FDA officials should be called to task for their role in sanctioning and covering up the suffering and death that arise from broad use of harmful “legal” drugs. And if Congress is looking for a real task in government cleanup in this session, the FDA is a place to start.

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