Common Denominator

      Let’s take a closer look at the problem.

      After more than a dozen years of work at Narconon (which means “no drugs”) drug rehabilitation and drug education centers, I know that a common denominator exists to all drug use. It doesn’t matter whether it is an over-the-counter substance, a prescription drug, alcohol or any of a wide variety of street drugs. This common denominator is “to try to feel better than one is feeling.”

      It can be found in aspirin for headaches, penicillin to kill an infection or alcohol at a social function.

      Wanting to feel better is natural. It is the method used that, with drugs, can become a life-destroying problem.

      Through the years, I have delivered drug-education lectures to thousands of children and teen-agers. I encourage them to honestly look at the facts and ask three questions when contemplating the use of any drug. Are the benefits going to outweigh the liabilities? Will I experience more pleasure than pain, or more pain than pleasure? Will the drug do more harm than good?

      Anyone who honestly asks and answers these questions will decide against use of illegal substances.


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