NEWS - The Drugging of America

“Sticking our heads in the sand and hoping that all will somehow get better is no solution. More stringent drug laws and bigger prisons may lock away the problem, bringing an illusory peace of mind to some, but those solutions have already proven not to solve the problem, but to be part of it.”

      In category I above, one can find drugs that bring more benefit than harm if used for a limited period of time. In category II, one is likely to have drugs that bring far more harm than benefit.

      This is not simply my opinion. It is based on many years of personal supervision of the recovery of hundreds of addicts at Narconon centers internationally and on observations of life.

      I have never met any tobacco users who will extol the “virtues” of tobacco, or consumers of alcohol who are convinced of how “positive” the influence of alcohol has been in their lives. Likewise, I have never seen a crack or heroin addict stand up to endorse his “drug of choice.”

      And while I have seen a few marijuana users expound upon their drug, all one needed to do was look at them, observe their lifestyle and listen closely to what they were saying to realize that marijuana also causes serious problems. Like other drugs, marijuana produces a disassociation from reality which is painfully obvious in chronic users.


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