NEWS - The Drugging of  America

Freedom from Drugs

      What should our priorities be?

      We can spend our money and resources to chase drug dealers until we all die or become too worn out to run after anyone any longer. But, to be effective, we had better concentrate on prevention and rehabilitation if we want to see the drug problem decrease.

      Two little-used but potent tools to combat substance abuse worldwide are:

      I. Substance abuse education to prevent the coming generations from becoming consumers of drugs starting with tobacco, alcohol and marijuana, and

      II. Effective substance abuse rehabilitation made available upon demand for those addicted to drugs both inside and outside prisons.

      These tools are the essence of the Narconon program.

      Through the years, Narconon has carried its public education campaign about the truthful effects of drugs internationally to many millions of people.

      Its methods have freed tens of thousands of addicts from the shackles of drugs. Independent studies show these methods are uniquely successful – with up to 72 percent of Narconon’s graduates still off drugs two years later.

      While talk of drug and alcohol abuse is endless, the bottom line is results. I have seen addicts of virtually all descriptions chained to every manner of deadly drugs come through their personal barriers and emerge victorious and free at last.

      The drug problem can be beaten. This, too, is not a free ride; it requires resources and determination. But think of how much less costly it would be to solve the drug problem than not to.

      We are living today on borrowed time. Eventually we will have to pay. If we pay now, we can save generations to come. If we choose to pay later, it is not us but those future generations that will bear the cost.

      The drug problem can be handled. The “way” to do so is there. We need only the will.

      Clark Carr is president of Narconon International. His book, Ending Addiction, is scheduled for publication later in 1998.

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