Free Spirits of Germany

      Just weeks after leading nearly 2,000 in a religious freedom march through Frankfurt, Germany, and shortly before leading more than 10,000 in a similar protest in Berlin, actress Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Clear and Present Danger) hosted a three-day exhibition in Los Angeles featuring the works of five German artists – including Rohrig. The exhibition, held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, came together in part to help these artists seek new markets for their work, appropriately titled “Free Spirits of Germany.”

      “I have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties many of these artists have suffered,” said Archer, expressing her “concern and solidarity with these fellow artists in Germany. These free spirits continue to display their art to the world no matter the obstacles and despite the fact that they do not always enjoy the freedoms of thought and expression that we as Americans accept as basic.”

      Acclaimed photographer and Hollywood Arts Council Trustee Pasqual Bettio, who helped Archer introduce the exhibition, said when he learned of the discrimination being suffered by artists in Germany, he contacted many of his friends in the arts who, in turn, similarly wanted to express their solidarity. Various Los Angeles-based artists are now planning their own art show in Germany to protest what is happening there. “Art is a ground we can all meet on,” he said. “The real issue here is freedom.”

      And the denial of that freedom — both of expression and of religion — is precisely the issue on which the artists affected hope to see a swift resolution.

      “I want the truth to be known.”


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