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Artist and Holocaust survivor Perli Pelzig (left) welcomes other exhibiting artists from Germany and guests to the opening of the “Free Spirits of Germany” exhibition, hosted by actress Anne Archer (right).

Growing Concern

      Such events and conditions have prompted concern and outrage from many U.S. Congressmen and officials including U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) of the Congressional Arts Caucus, who urged the State Department to make the “plight of American and German Scientologists in the Federal Republic of Germany” a top priority for the State Department’s Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom Abroad. “A particularly disturbing trend is the pattern and practice of discrimination against artists, particularly American artists who happen to be Scientologists. ...[T]he German government has been a willing and active participant in the creation of an atmosphere of intolerance.”

      Dr. Feinstein’s view is that the growing pattern of events in today’s Germany can only be compared to the beginnings of a far darker period more than 60 years ago. “The last great group of alleged ‘demons’ that were perceived as a threat to German society, the Jews, wound up being exterminated, along with millions of their co-religionists in neighboring countries....

      “While many critics see such comparisons as either foolish or obscene, the issue nevertheless persists. The failure of many in Germany, including officials, to restrain unconstitutional acts against Scientology, has created a hate campaign with ominous overtones.”

      Artist and Holocaust survivor Perli Pelzig, a German Jew now living in the United States, sees things similarly — but from the perspective of personal experience: “I am amazed that after 50 years it is possible to find in Germany people who have not learned to tolerate those whose beliefs and views differ from the ‘mainstream’ and who, because of their beliefs, are branded and become a target for professional and personal discrimination.

      “The time has come for all to follow the old slogan of ’Live and let live!’”


      If you are concerned about human rights violations in Germany, make your voice heard. Write to GERMANY HATEWATCH, 1701 20th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20009.

      Or send e-mail to:

      For more information call (202) 667-6404 or write to the above address. If on the Internet, visit

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