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Public Support Soars for a Better Tax Solution - By Victor Krohn

wo hundred twenty-four years ago, colonists disguised as American Indians climbed aboard three British tea ships anchored in Boston Harbor and tossed the cargo overboard in what has ever since been remembered as the quintessential demonstration against unfair taxes.

      “That Boston Tea Party was the signal of early American citizens that never, ever would they put up with a sovereign who taxed them unfairly and unreasonably,” said Congressman Billy Tauzin (R-La.). “Today we call upon Americans for a second, national Tea Party.”

      Tauzin and a colleague, Congressman Dan Schaefer (R-Colo.), inspired a modern-day “Tea Party,” held last year at the site of the nation’s original 1773 protest.

      More than 100 tax activists were on hand in Boston Harbor to support Reps. Schaefer and Tauzin in their call to end the federal income tax system — through its replacement with a National Retail Sales Tax. These included Congressmen Mike Crapo, Charlie Norwood and Ron Packard, who flew up for the day from Washington with Tauzin and Schaefer.

      As shutters clicked and observers cheered, the U.S. income tax code was heaved overboard from the deck of the Beaver – an exact replica of the ship of the same name from which tea was tossed in 1773.


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