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      Some of the benefits of the National Retail Sales Tax were described by Representative Bill Archer, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee — which writes the tax laws — one of the numerous supporters of the concept: “The people should never again have to fill out a tax return. Withholding taxes from people’s paychecks should stop. The government should not have first dibs on the money people earn. If you make it, you keep it.”

      Public discontent over our current system of income taxation has reached nearly unprecedented levels of vocal and virulent opposition. If recent polls are any indication, not since the introduction of the income tax in 1913, and perhaps even the American Revolution of 1776 itself, has there been such resentment and disgust of our tax system.

      Even former IRS officials are calling for the income tax code to be torn up so we can get a fresh start on a simpler, fairer tax system.

      This broad-based disagreement with the status quo has translated into an equally unprecedented groundswell of support for a fundamental overhaul of our tax morass. It is manifest in everything from town hall meetings to radio show call-ins; from newspaper editorials to the public pronouncements of elected officials.

      And when specifics about a fundamental re-working of our tax system are discussed, increasingly we are hearing about replacing the income tax and the agency which enforces it with a National Retail Sales Tax.

      This public demand for change owes much to the advocacy and public education of a grassroots organization which was covered first in this magazine in 1990. That organization is now known as Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS).


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