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      Once the door was open to mass murder under the guise of “euthanasia,” it was but another step in the progression to expand the interpretation of “dead weight characters” and “life unworthy of living” to include an entire race of people. Indeed, the ever-changing, fluid definition is one of psychiatry’s trademarks. We see today their endless cataloging of “Mental Illnesses,” aka “Mental Disorders,” aka “Brain Disorders.”

      They have been engaging in this shell game for over a century as witnessed by the following description of a mental “disease” quoted from Krafft-Ebing in 1892:

      “In history as well as now, one encounters individuals who, unsatisfied with the social institutions, get the idea to improve the world or, at least, put something new in place of the old... They appear in the roles of leaders of revolutions, founders of political parties ... and they make themselves and others unhappy. The incubation phase of the disease is long, often reaching back to childhood.”

      Hitler’s personal hatred of the Jews combined with the philosophy of racial hygiene became a juggernaut of insanity. Though not focused on the specific atrocities of the Holocaust, this volume does not shield the reader from the brutal details of what was done. However, it goes beyond what was done to reveal why and how it could happen.

      In the second section of the book the authors examine what occurred after the war. Though some of the psychiatrists involved in the Nazi atrocities were brought to justice, many went free.

      “[I]n Hanover and elsewhere, the prewar judges and prosecutors became the postwar judges and prosecutors, making for a unified administration of injustice, but allowing for the acts of those people to be safe from official scrutiny. Not surprisingly, many postwar verdicts reflected an unwillingness to punish war crimes, possibly because of wartime complicities and crimes of the prosecutors and judges.”


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