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      According to Freud, man had buried within him certain brutal and sometimes overmastering11 instincts which caused him to act as he did. Freud said that man’s trouble stemmed from these instincts and the effort of man to repressl2 them. I wish you to mark that theory very well. It was given without proof or the phenomena of observation necessary to prove it. It was given as a lucky guess, maybe, but it was given. Freud never handled or measured one of these instincts. He said they were there. That is all he said. That theory was added to the bulk of data already accumulated about the human mind.

      Suppose I were to tell you that the basic savage instincts of man – the instincts which make him kill and murder and engage in war – existed in such a state that they could be handled, measured, experienced, with a clarity and precision never before attained in this field. That would be a good science, wouldn’t it?

      Techniques of application exist very adequate to handle these basic and savage instincts, because that is what they are.

      Living with the beasts of the jungle and caught at every hand13 by death and terror, early man couldn’t do anything else but develop a brutal reaction. Maybe he might have been good before he started to hit the physical universe, but by the time he hit that, he hit tooth and claw, and murder and war were commonplace. He had to kill to live, and he kept on killing.

      Now he has a civilization all laid out that should run according to plan and everybody ought to be free and happy and we shouldn’t have any laws, and the prisons ought to be empty and there shouldn’t be any insanity and there ought to be plenty to eat. This would be a real control of the environment and man, and we don’t have that.


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