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      He can’t even let himself think as clearly as he could, because think what he might think about. There is something there that he shouldn’t think about and so he limits his own thinking capacity.

      We have found the instincts and the lid on the unconscious mind23 – the subconscious24 or whatever you want to call it and the content of that subconscious mind. That is interesting, but it is even more interesting that when one takes away the force and power of a brutal self, the individual’s nature is changed so that he is much more successful than he was before. He is the same person he always was, but he is the person who is no longer repressed, held down, unsuccessful, unhappy. He is safe to trust something to. You could go out and give such a man an atom bomb and you could say, “Here.” He would say, “My golly, somebody is liable to do something with this. I’d better take awful good care that this thing doesn’t get loose anyplace.”

      Perhaps, now, it may be possible in an overwrought25 world to do something about the criminals, the insane, about war, the antisocial hatred man feels for man. But it is something of a race, too. It is a race with something my classmates invented – a something called an atom bomb.

      The way to make man reasonable should have preceded atomic fission.26 It has come up concurrently27 with it. Thus it is a vital race. One does not know who will win. Can we do something for the savage in civilized garb28 before he ruins this world and all man? That is a question which the future must answer. I cannot do more than the work I have done and to publish and make available what has been done.

      Every facility which we have and all the knowledge which we have gained is at your disposal. It is at your disposal to treat your crippled, your ill, your infirm, to improve you, to make crime a thing of yesterday, to banish war forever. But it is up to you.

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