L. Ron Hubbard

      If they don't deliver exactly what their boss says, they've had it. Their own integrity has to go by the boards in the face of continual economic threat.

      Freedom of speech does not apply to them.

      It is standard practice for a reporter to receive from his editor the data he is to write and then go interview someone, receive contrary data from the interviewee but then be forced to write what the boss said in the first place.

      No wonder they are cynics. Paid with buttons, how can they refuse orders? They'd starve.

      Scanning yesterday's and even last year's headlines one sees practically the same news stories over and over and over.

      Real happenings are occurring in the world, but mass news media is given its pattern of stories because somebody up top wants it that way. This is called "molding public opinion."

      Psychiatric front groups wanted Scientology defamed. So the "Scientology Story" was invented out of whole cloth and written without a single reporter going near the subjects' founder for all the 14 years of his active leadership of its organizations!

A Cause of Violence continued ...

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