Freedom Magazine Published by the Church of Scientology

Freedom - Published by Church of Scientology
The bio-clouded trail of 1991’s Gulf War veterans

Freedom - Published by Church of Scientology
Gordon Thomas interviews the mother of the first female Palestinian suicide bomber — and cuts to the dark core of the making of a terrorist

Freedom - Published by Church of Scientology
President George W. Bush with Afghan Women and Children’s Relief Act sponsor Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Cover Story: Ill Wind – Desert Storm Blows Back with a Fury
Facing the question of massive biowarfare casualties.
Freedom probes long-suppressed causes — and neglected cures — of Gulf War Illness
Desert Storm: Deadlier than Vietnam?
On the Trail of Toxic Terror
An Unbelievable Dereliction
A Family Battles for Survival
The Psychiatric “Funnel System”
Dubious Diagnoses: Drug “Treatments” Exacerbate Problems
A Mounting Death Toll: Recalculating the “Least Costly War”
From the Editors
Book Review
A 9/11 Firefighter’s Story – How a New York fireman found relief from the physical, spiritual and emotional tragedy of Ground Zero and began to live again
Article by L. Ron Hubbard — Our Biochemical Society
“Sacred” Explosions
Extremism: Who manipulates it and how?
Victory over Toxins
While worldwide proliferation of man-made chemicals throughout the 20th century was an unprecedented development in human history, the battle on a personal level has tipped in favor of survival
Environmental Poisons
Low-level exposures bring high levels of risk
Recognizing Those Who Fight for Human Rights
Spotlighting the extraordinary work and accomplishments of individuals who have contributed to protecting and advancing the cause of human rights and freedom
Global Advocate for Human Rights and Democracy
Condemning torture and rape, safeguarding women and children, fighting for justice, standing with the oppressed, and recognized for helping millions: U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen