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Kampala, Uganda

Namasuba College of Commerce in Kampala Uganda Hosts Scientology Volunteer Ministers Seminar

February 22, 2011

200 students and honored guests learn vital communication skills.

Reverend Mualazi of the Wansanso Vocational Training Center, introduced 200 students and guests to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program at a seminar held at Namasuba College in Kampala, Uganda.

Mualazi, who learned of the program from Kampala Volunteer Minister David Kizito, adopted the program to help accomplish the mission of his Center, which provides life skills to youths who did not complete their schooling.

Volunteer Ministers seminars and courses are based on the 19 chapters of the Scientology Handbook.  They provide training to improve conditions in life—from communication and study skills to understanding the basics of organization, handling drug abuse and salvaging marriages and relationships. 

Rev. Mualazi arranged for the Kampala Volunteer Ministers to hold the seminar at Namasuba College.  It was attended by District Police Commander Wasiima Luben and District Councilor and College Board Member Vincent L. Sinabulya.

Namasuba College of Commerce founder and principal, Jamiru Ssebalu, delivered the opening speech and instructed the 200 attendees to “stay attentive and learn the new techniques.”

Uganda Volunteer Ministers Hudson Mugisha and Pedaiah Teba conducted the seminar, putting all attendees through a series of communication drills.  By breaking the subject into its component parts these exercises make it possible to gain competence in every aspect of communication.  And as communication is a basic skill affecting every other aspect of life, the benefits are far-reaching.

In his modest comments at the end of the seminar, Mr. Ssebalo said, “The Volunteer Ministers teach an ordinary man to be a better man and a good communicator. They lift a day-to-day man’s life.” Ssebalo is now exploring ways to implement communication and Study Technology workshops throughout the vocational institutes affiliated with Namasuba College.

District Councilor Vincent L. Sinabulya requested further training, saying this kind of workshop is exactly what Kampala needs to improve the standard of living of the community.

Four new Volunteer Ministers groups formed as a result of the seminar.  Additionally, the Volunteer Ministers group of Namasuba College entered into a partnership with the college, which will provide a training facility free of charge for all their future Volunteer Ministers seminars in Kampala.

The Uganda Volunteer Ministers deliver some 400 seminars each week. Another 200 Volunteer Ministers groups are in training to greatly expand their service to the country.

The motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is “Something can be done about it.”  The Scientology Volunteer Minister program was initiated by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard in 1976. There are now hundreds of thousands of people trained in the skills of a Volunteer Minister across 185 nations.

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