Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

The late Judge Jim Garrison, immortalized in the movie “JFK”, broke years of media silence in 1986 in Freedom with his views of Kennedy’s assassination.

A Means of Speaking Out

      The late Judge Jim Garrison, a central figure in the movie “JFK”, chose Freedom in 1986 as his forum to end years of media silence. As New Orleans district attorney from 1962 to 1974, Garrison conducted an extensive investigation in the late 1960s of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Freedom published articles by Judge Garrison conveying his views and evidence of events and circumstances surrounding JFK’s assassination and of the part the killing played in a transformation of America’s government and future.

      Between 1985 and 1987, Freedom also published a 19-part series by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, whose 30 years of close work with U.S. intelligence services included an eight-year tenure as chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a similar capacity with the Office of Special Operations of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The series provided a unique and highly informative view of the events which led up to the Vietnam War. The articles also provided seminal material for the movie “JFK,” for which Colonel Prouty also served as consultant.

      One of the subjects most visited by media, government, religion and civic leaders today is drugs—from prevention to consumption, and accompanying societal ills. Freedom has provided a forum to individuals with knowledge of illicit activities which have promulgated the drug problem or hampered efforts to resolve it. In an investigative series from 1989 to the present on “The Drugging of America,” a number of individuals including law enforcement officials and members of the news media, who have had no other outlet for speaking out about corruption they have witnessed, have spoken out in Freedom. [See also “Government Reform”.]

      Top experts on radiation have also contributed to Freedom on fundamental issues of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons—information they hold is not being released by appropriate government offices to the public. A series of articles provided by these experts revealed information about nuclear power plants, low-level radiation, nuclear weapons, and the cost of nuclear power.

      Freedom has provided a forum to countless other individuals and groups in the interest of justice and reform.

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