[Freedom: The Voice of the Church of Scientology Since 1968 Special Edition Clearwater]

Freedom - Published by Church of Scientology
Freedom - Published by Church of Scientology
Secret Clearwater Police Slush Fund Revealed
Federal Court Rules: City of Clearwater Officials' Actions Are “Patently Offensive to the First Amendment”
Court Condemns Prejudice in Clearwater
Obstruction of Justice Charged: Evidence Destroyed in Corrupt Investigation
Lawyer Solicits Distant Relative in Money-Grab Plot
Illegal Acts by Clearwater Police Department
Where the money is going
Medical Examiner Covered up Murder
Clearwater Police Charged in “Knee-spike” Death
Discriminatory Police Policies Documented
Editorial: The Story you Haven’t Been Told
St. Petersburg Times Propaganda Ruled “Patently Offensive”
The Facts the St. Petersburg Times Suppressed
You are Always Welcome
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