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Sleeping With Disaster

ntil last year, you may never have heard of “Freeway Rick” Ross. That is, unless you live in Los Angeles – where he was virtually a local legend.

      Ross, now in custody, was a part of the American drug problem. “You know,” he once said, “how some people feel that God put them down here to be a preacher? I felt that He had put me down to be the cocaine man.”

      Ross may have helped move millions of dollars of crack cocaine through the streets of Los Angeles; but again, he was only a part of the problem.

      Evidence on file in the U.S. District Court in San Diego, California, indicates that Ross received vast quantities of the crack he sold in South Central L.A. from Oscar Danilo Blandon Reyes – a Nicaraguan drug dealer and former leader of Nicaraguan Democratic Force, the largest of several anti-communist groups commonly known as the Contras. While arguments continue over the alleged role of the CIA in establishing and maintaining such an arrangement, all but those who may well be facing jail time seem to have conceded that drugs were being put on American streets to help fund a foreign war.

      Such revelations are stunning, almost so as to defy belief. But for all the untold damage done by illegal drugs and the bizarre, clandestine arrangements which put them and keep them on our streets, there is yet another side to the drug problem which receives astonishingly little attention from mainstream society: the legal drugging of our populace.

Sleeping with Disaster Continued...

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