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      What is not addressed is why drugs are taken and abused. And the amount of money and effort spent on successful education, prevention and real rehabilitation is so small as to be non-existent in comparison to that spent on faulty “solutions.” This trend must change, and change dramatically.

      We have answers – not just to the issues of keeping people away from drugs or rescuing them once they have fallen into their trap, but to the fundamental reasons why drugs are taken in the first place, the mental and spiritual trauma attendant to drug abuse. And when we compare the problem to the solution, the comparison speaks volumes – and results occur through resolving the factors that originally prompted usage. Instead of impaired reasoning, destroyed lives and the like, there is restored health, perception, stability and freedom from the need for drugs.

      In this regard, we feel it is not enough to focus only on the problem of illicit “street” drugs while ignoring the reality that a truly drug-free lifestyle is becoming increasingly unusual. Drugs like heroin and LSD are readily identified today as dangerous, illegal drugs; that they were originally dispensed to the public as medicinal drugs is a fact rarely remembered. In this issue, we examine one significant reason why this problem, dubbed by one author as “pharmo-capitalism,” persists to this day – and what should be done about it.

      Thus, in this issue, we explore neglected aspects of the drug problem which confronts America. We also offer solutions and reforms at all levels.

      We hope you will take an active role – or a more active and effective one – in truly winning this war. And I welcome your views on how to achieve a lasting victory.

. . .

      1998 marks Freedom’s 30th anniversary year. We are proud of our legacy of bringing readers the truth on issues such as crime, drugs, illiteracy and other matters of social and political concern, exposés of those who infringe human rights or individual freedoms, and special features on the broad range of topics that, over three decades, Freedom readers have come to expect. As always, your response is welcome.

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