NEW - The Drugging of America

Deadly Shell Game

Who said 40,000
adverse reactions
– including 2,300
deaths – was a
problem? Not
the FDA. But
that’s only the
By Robert Daniels
looked up into the face of who was holding the rifle. He was completely gone. There was just nothing there of what makes a person a person. He was gone. And I thought that soon, I would be even more ‘gone’ than he.”

      So stated one of the surviving victims of Joseph Wesbecker, who shot and killed eight former co-workers and wounded 12 others at a Louisville, Kentucky, printing plant before taking his own life. Wesbecker, it was later learned, had a “therapeutic” level of Prozac in his blood at the time of the massacre on September 14, 1989.

      After learning of this and other incidents of harm attributed to Prozac, members of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) launched an information campaign to educate the public about the drug. The Church of Scientology began publishing in Freedom the information CCHR found.

      “Our interest,” said Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International, “was solely in keeping people from being killed. We saw a serious problem and decided to act.”

      Prozac had already garnered an astonishing quantity of adverse reactions in its then-brief history on the market, and was well on its way to the highest number in the history of the FDA’s adverse reaction reporting system. Indeed, it has held the “leadership” position in adverse reactions since not long after its release, with no other drug anywhere in the running. Even Valium, now widely known as an addictive, dangerous and frequently deadly street drug, saw only 7,000 adverse reaction reports in more than 20 years. Prozac, today on the market for just 10 years, has more than 40,000.


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