NEW - The Drugging of America

      Although widely supported by Scientologists, the independent program is secular and open to people of any faith.

      Over the past three decades, it has freed more than 25,000 people from drug addiction and has reached millions with its message that a drug-free life is a happier and more fulfilling one.

      Narconon’s drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation procedure is officially recognized in many countries as the most effective drug rehabilitation available. Several governments provide funding and support for Narconon.

      The Narconon program utilizes an exact series of drills, exercises and study steps which enable an addict to “kick his habit” and assist the person to address the problem areas in his life which led to his addiction. It also utilizes Mr. Hubbard’s discovery that residues of drugs and toxins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and stay there for years after they have been ingested – and a revolutionary detoxification program to remedy this plight.

      Further steps in the Narconon program include a series of communication drills which assist the person to improve his relationships, a course which teaches the basics of how to study and courses to help the person deal with the various situations in his life. The result is a person who knows he is free from drugs and drug residuals – and from any desire to take drugs again.

      For more information on the Narconon program, call (800) 468-6933 or visit Narconon’s web site.

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