Chick Corea: “What bothers me is the fact that this can happen on the threshold of the year 2000, in a country we think is a democracy.”

      Several speakers at the Capitol Hill hearing urged the Commission to support a congressional resolution requiring the White House to take action against the German government due to the severity and scope of the intolerance.

      Shortly thereafter, House Concurrent Resolution 22 was heard by the International Relations Committee of the House and passed by a 13­2 vote.

      The resolution has yet to be considered by the full House of Representatives. Rather, in late 1997, a procedural vote was taken to decide whether the urgency of the situation in Germany warranted suspension of the normal rules of review.

      More than 100 representatives voted affirmatively, expressing adequate personal knowledge of the discrimination to pass the resolution immediately. Others said the issue was serious enough to deserve further review and voted to uphold the normal procedures. No votes were cast against the issue, as no such vote was called for, contrary to German press reports quoting German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel.

      Speaking at the CSCE hearings, Congressman Salmon put the importance of the issue in its proper perspective when he said that what is happening in Germany “breaks my heart as a member of Congress and as a member of this Commission. I believe we ought to do everything within our power to correct these injustices.”


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