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      The following is quoted from psychiatrist Ernst Rudin on the aims and purposes of the “German Society for Racial Hygiene":

      “The formation of the German Society for Racial Hygiene goes back to 1905, when Alfred Ploetz, the founder of German racial hygiene and today an honorary member of the society, set out with a few friends (to whom I also belong) to create a wide dissemination of the ideas and principles of racial hygiene. Despite our continual attempts to call the public’s attention to the fact that something had to be done for our race, and despite our revealing the degenerating quality of the Nordic race which had been going on since the beginning of this century, the immense danger of the declining birthrate and the unnatural nursing back to health of the genetically weak, sick and inferior, our ideas could not gain recognition at the upper echelons of government. Even when our spiritual movement succeeded in quietly and gradually winning over hearts and minds of our best Germans, the powers that be ensured that no racial hygiene measures could be taken. Only through the Fuhrer did our dream of over thirty years, that of applying racial hygiene to society, become a reality.”

      Adolf Hitler was born in 1899 and came to power in 1933. The racial hygiene movement “goes back to 1905” when Adolf Hitler was but six years old.

      Another among the many incriminating documents referenced in this book is a 1920 treatise by psychiatrist Alfred E. Hoche and Chief Justice of the Reich, Karl Binding. The paper, entitled “Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Living” outlines the philosophy that “euthanasia” should be performed on persons physically or mentally unable to support themselves or those who are considered worthless to society. This paper, published 13 years before Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich, formed a blueprint for the organized mass murder that followed.

      “The euthanasia program for the handicapped and mentally ill was organized exactly as prescribed in Alfred Hoche’s and Karl Binding’s notorious 1920 treatise,” the authors state. “Hoche had also suggested in 1920 that a commission be appointed to order the euthanasia of ’dead-weight characters,’ and Binding provided ideas for the removal of legal hindrances. Nearly twenty years later, the euthanasia program was established exactly as Hoche and Binding and others had imagined it a generation earlier when Germany was a republic rather than a dictatorship and when law, not hate, ruled. Theory in a republic had become an unspeakable reality in the twisted minds of totalitarian demagogues.”


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