L. Ron Hubbard

The Race Against Man’s Savage Instincts

     Man’s search for answers has led to many achievements: interplanetary exploration, instant worldwide communication via the Internet, life-saving medical technologies and a myriad of other advances — any one of which, in any earlier age, would be viewed as nothing less than miraculous.

     But for all of these accomplishments, he had still not come to grips with one of the answers he needed most: the answer to himself and his own savage conduct. Hence, in this decade alone, Earth has been wracked by ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, a major war involving millions of troops in the Persian Gulf, and countless lesser conflicts in other nations — not to mention a rising global tide of drug abuse, violence and crime.

     This article, first published in the book, Scientology: A New Slant on Life, describes man’s long and often frustrating quest for the solution to his own riddle.

     As the author states, the answer is here, today.


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