A Step Toward Ending Psychiatric Criminality

The governments of many Western countries spend billions to support psychiatrists and their treatments which often cause irreparable harm to those unfortunate enough to become the victims of them.

The most recent example of criminality masquerading as “treatment” came out of Spain where a psychiatrist was found guilty of sexually abusing a patient for nine years before being convicted and jailed. What is unfathomable is why this sexual predator was able to get away with his crimes for nine years before being brought to justice.

Scientologists have documented psychiatric abuses for decades. The horror stories are many and difficult to confront. Too often responsible agencies, rather than taking action against criminal psychiatrists, have attacked the messenger in hopes of diverting public attention. But no matter the opposition, Scientologists never back down.

There are signs that courts and governments are getting the message.

The Supreme Court of Spain recently upheld the decision of a lower court that sentenced psychiatrist Antonio Asin Cabrera to seven years in prison and 20,000 euros in restitution for sexually abusing a patient for nine years, under the guise of “therapy.”

The woman was referred to Cabrera because she suffered from an eating disorder. What began as an effort to get help became a descent into hell. First she was prescribed a cornucopia of dangerous psychiatric drugs that, according to the Court, directly affected her decision-making capacity.

Cabrera graduated his patient from licit to illicit drugs, next encouraging her to participate in group “counseling” sessions involving the use of psychoactive drugs such as MDMA. During these so-called group treatment sessions, Cabrera injected the participants with animal tranquilizer to create what he told his patients would be a heightened sense of consciousness.

Once Cabrera was certain drugs had made the woman totally dependent upon him, he forced her into an abusive sexual relationship which lasted nine years. In her drugged, terror-ridden state, the woman was initially rendered too helpless to fight back, much less to say no.

By dint of will she eventually broke the thrall and demanded her assailant be brought to justice.

When Cabrera was initially brought to trial, he attempted to convince the court his sexual assaults were “treatment” to create a stronger bond between patient and therapist. The court recognized that lie for what it was and determined his betrayal to have been a personal effort to satisfy his own carnal cravings at the expense of his patient. Cabrera was found guilty of sexual abuse, sentenced to seven years imprisonment and ordered to pay his victim 20,000 euros in restitution.

The case was appealed. The Spanish Supreme Court upheld the judgment.

The decision in Spain, though a small step, is a positive move toward achieving justice for those abused by psychiatrists who commit crimes in the guise of help.

Rape is rape. Torture is torture. Cabrera’s “treatments” were criminality masquerading in a white coat. There are no laws that allow any man to do such things, much less a psychiatrist.

Despite this, governments around the world have continued to fund psychiatry at taxpayers’ expense. It is time the governments of nations that funnel millions to psychiatry cease their support.

Scientologists have been exposing psychiatric abuses for decades. It is in no small part due to their continuing to speak out that others are beginning to listen.