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Times Chief Andrew Barnes (top), Clearwater Police Sergeant Wayne Andrews and Dr. Joan Wood all played central roles.

     END Two vital autopsy specimens were either never cut for slides or the evidence of the slides was withheld from Church attorneys investigating the case. When slides of these specimens were provided to the three foremost forensic pathologists in the United States, this resulted in a clear and unequivocal picture of the cause of Lisa McPherson’s sudden death – and exposed all of Wood’s outrageous allegations as totally devoid of fact.

     END The story of the destroyed or otherwise missing vital records had genuine intrigue. Yet the Timesnever pursued it. And, when one looks further, the reason why becomes readily apparent.

     As described above, after Wood had made her false statements and the Times carried them, the Church sought to correct the record. But instead of publishing the truth, the Times used a forest of newsprint to defend Wood. Simultaneously, as the Church sought to obtain the documents from the Medical Examiner’s Office that would prove Wood’s assertions incorrect, Times lawyers moved in to support Wood in a transparent effort to keep the public from discovering what had really happened.

     Times attorneys Pat Anderson and George Rahdert, who normally cultivate an image of champions of open records and open government, stepped in and took the opposite position while representing Wood – fighting to keep the autopsy records of Lisa McPherson away from public view.

     END Finally, the only physician to support Wood’s interpretation of Ms. McPherson’s death, without any examination of the body, was Dr. Klaus Speth – recently convicted of evidence tampering after intentionally breaking a bone in the neck of a corpse in connection with a New Jersey lawsuit.

     Incontrovertible conclusions

     As noted above, Church attorneys had the original slides reviewed independently by three of the foremost medical examiners in the country – all presently serving as State Medical Examiners. And each, independently, emerged with the same conclusions, utterly demolishing those of Joan Wood:

     Lisa McPherson died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot in her leg. The death was sudden and unpredictable and could not have been prevented, even had she been in a hospital the entire time.

     Dehydration, “bed rest” and other factors described on tabloid TV by Dr. Joan Wood were not the cause of death.

Obstruction of Justice Charged: Evidence
Destroyed in Corrupt Investigation continued...

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