Gulf War Illness Suffering Continues

s a further comment to your article entitled “Lives in the Balance: Gulf War Illness” (Freedom Magazine, Volume 29, Issue 1), two ex-CIA analysts came forward with the information that some in the U.S. government have been misleading the American public on exposure of our Armed Forces during the Gulf War to toxic agents that may be some of the causes of Gulf War Illness (GWI).

      This is a classic example of government stonewalling and a continuing tragedy for Gulf War veterans who were exposed to chemical and biological agents during their service in the Persian Gulf.

      We published in medical journals that GWI is not a new illness; it is essentially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Surgeon General of the Army agrees that the illness is probably caused by chemical and biological agent exposures. Approximately 100,000 U.S. and British veterans of Desert Storm have debilitating, chronic illnesses, and they are very interested in finding out what is wrong with them and how it can be treated.

      Our published study on 650 Gulf War veterans and in many cases their immediate family members with GWI indicates that it produces complex symptoms, such as aching joints, chronic fatigue, memory loss, sleep difficulties, headaches, skin rashes, diarrhea, vision problems, nausea, breathing problems and others due to chemical and/or biological agent exposures.

      Since family members have come forward with similar GWI signs and symptoms after their contact with sick veterans, the illness can be transmitted, suggesting that biological agents are involved. Although not usually fatal, some veterans have died after their illness progressed.

Gulf War Illness Suffering Continues Continued...

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