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e: Your Special Report on Germany. I was disturbed by this as never before. Freedom has done excellent work, but unfortunately your magazine also shows the degree of work which needs to be done and that sacrifices must be made to bring the present situation to an end.

      Thank you again for this issue, and I am advising others to read it and do something about the situation in Germany.

      — M.D., Florida, via Internet

      I am a student at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am currently researching the persecutions that have been occurring against the Scientology religion in Germany.... I have read several books and articles, including Freedom magazine.

      I hope to be able to submit my research to the Fullbright program, so if there is any other information that you think that I may be interested in, please send me a bibliography or a copy. Thank you very much for your time and effort to help me spread the word of your struggle.

      — T.H., Minnesota, via Internet

      I was taken aback by the article on Jonestown (Vol. 29, Issue 4). Could such things really happen in the United States? It is horrible.

      I never thought it possible that such information as that found in your magazine could be printed in a U.S. publication, given the rules which governments have on what can and cannot be said; but I’m surprised, shocked – and glad. You are very brave to publish Freedom as you are doing.

      — J.J.T., Matanzas, Cuba

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