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“For fifty thousand years man has been faced with the enigma of himself and his fellows.”
      Is man healthier and better with them gone? Is he then able to cope with the universe better? Is he able to act better? Is he able to handle himself better? Is he more social? Is he happier? Is he freer? Is he more individualistic? Because you would lose if he weren’t those things. You don’t want prefrontal-lobotomied18 slaves — not in man. You want man to be as free as you can possibly make him.

      Fortunately – no credit to anybody – when you pick up these instincts he becomes free and he becomes social and he is able to cope with his environment, and he no longer wants to go around and steal, murder, burn or engage in war. Fortunately.

      Man is basically good, and between him and this goodness lies a savage and twisted past. He inherited it from centuries of being, centuries of savageness, and the instincts he had to wear as a primitive and as a savage. He has still got them, and they are there and they are fully and wholly on record.

      Oddly enough, his basic instinct is to protect and help his fellows, himself. He is not a single, all-out-for-number-one character. But he gets these instincts, and they get in his road and they make him act like he is all out for himself. There isn’t a person who hasn’t tried very, very hard to help their fellow man – not one. Also, there isn’t one who hasn’t been cuffed19 for doing it.

      That is a funny thing. Here we have a creature who wants to help, who wants to be unified with his fellows, who wants to be loved, who wants to be secure and at the same time adventurous, who wants to be a unified civilization. We have him all torn apart inside himself and amongst his groups so that all he does about it, really, is nag and rave and commit war.

      You take the savage, antisocial impulse of man – any man, woman or child – away and he is freer to act, because now he can act. Before, every time he acted he said, “Well – gulp! Maybe this is the time I killed Ug.” Here is this impulse that he developed somewhere back on the track:20 It is some kind of an instinct that he has carried along his protoplasm line21 or genetic line.22 You take these instincts up – you can find them – and a man’s intelligence sometimes as much as doubles.


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