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Freedom Magazine Investigative Reporting In The Public Interest, presented by the Church of Scientology
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40 Years of Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest

Below is a sampling of the many past editions available on the Freedom Magazine Web Site.

The Editors, Freedom Magazine

  • Volume 38, Issue 1 The Child Protection Racket

    How the mental health industry subverted Child Protective Services —leaving ruined families in its wake.

  • Volume 36, Issue 2 The Terror Doctors

    Behind rising levels of world terror and mayhem, mind manipulators are continuing to create agents of aggression.

  • Volume 36, Issue 1 Education — The Fatal Flaw

    New research into an old murder and rising classroom violence provides important insight into America’s failing educational system — and what can be done about it...

  • Volume 35, Issue 1 Ill Wind — Desert Storm Blows Back with a Fury

    As another Middle East conflict dies down, veterans and doctors say the previous round’s biowarfare casualties remain mysteriously ignored...

  • Volume 34, Issue 1 Behind the Terror

    While international attention since September 11, 2001, has focused on terrorism, key information on how terrorists are created—and how they are turned into violent, seemingly inhuman killers—has remained obscure. Freedom probes masters behind the terror, their methods and their motives.

  • Volume 33, Issue 1 Deadly Spiral

    With more than two million Americans behind bars, the majority repeat offenders, a closer look is needed inside our prisons. Freedom found an increasing reliance on drug treatments proven to worsen anti-social behavior in a system turning out more and more unrehabilitated offenders — at times with deadly consequences.

  • Volume 32, Issue 1 Children of the State.

    An alarming pattern has emerged of families being torn apart and children placed in danger in a system established to protect them. Freedom examines how rights are violated and abused by some who do not have the best interests of children at heart.

  • Volume 31, Issue 2 The Hidden Hand of Violence

    Youth violence and its increasing death toll keep America asking “why?” Freedom's investigation of the seemingly random acts of violence establishes a clear pattern — and a cause.

  • Volume 31, Issue 1 Ca$hing In

    As reports of massive insurance fraud and patient deaths and abuse in the psychiatric industry continue to mount, the push for mental health insurance parity is not what it seems.
    Freedom uncovers how the campaign for parity in the United States is aimed at influencing legislators, the media and the general public despite the trends.

  • Volume 30, Issue 2 The Great Brain Injury Scam

    Operation Restore Trust — the law enforcement initiative to clean up health care fraud — has recovered billions in funds swindled from American citizens. But its success is as much a cause for alarm as it is for praise. Freedom examines a bizarre “industry” structured to profit from human suffering.

  • Special 30th Anniversary Human Rights and Freedoms

    In this special anniversary issue, we revisit some of the significant stories of these past three decades and pay tribute to the men and women of indomitable spirit who have worked to create a better world.

  • Volume 30, Issue 1 Buying off the Drug Traffic Cop

    Mandated to be both gatekeeper and traffic cop for the drug trade, the Food and Drug Administration instead tolerates false and misleading promotion of psychotropic drugs — substances which poison the body and which can kill with little or no warning.

  • Volume 29, Issue 4 Revisiting the Jonestown tragedy

    Through years of perseverance, nearly 39,000 pages of federal documents on the Jonestown tragedy are now available for the first time. These documents shed new light—and raise new questions—on what really happened in a Guyana jungle two decades ago.

  • Volume 29, Issue 1 A Fire on the Cross

    More than 150 Southern black churches have burned since 1990, at least 100 of them linked to racism. Despite the headlines, the true nature of the campaign of violence and what underlies it has remained veiled in darkness.
    Freedom investigated, and reports on the real story.

  • Special Edition Germany Echoes of the Past—Historical amnesia in Germany today

    Is it possible history is repeating itself? In the year following reunification of East and West Germany in 1990, there were fewer than 60 reported attacks on Jewish property. By 1994, the number of incidents had peaked at 937. Some have noted that the intensity of the assaults has increased — including the 1995 firebombing of the nation’s oldest synagogue. Jews are far from the only victims. Freedom investigates the state of individual and religious freedoms in Germany today.

  • Special 25th Anniversary In Support of Human Rights

    Commemorating 25 years of investigative reporting in the public interest.

  • Volume 28, Issue 2 The Black and White of Justice

    Many Americans, because they are not a member of a group so affected, never have stopped to consider the problems which religions face in the courts. For whatever reason, religions are not underdogs championed by the media. But millions of Americans are affected, just as millions of Americans have had to face judicial prejudice because they are not white. In this issue, we give you the results of our investigations and expose judicial discrimination in all forms — from racial to religious to judges who simply seek to act as “social engineers” — and get to what lies behind them.

  • Volume 28, Issue 1 Freedom of Speech at Risk in Cyberspace

    The increasing crime rate on the Internet, ranging from theft to copyright infringements, all in the name of free speech, is causing Americans grave concern. Free speech is abused when it is claimed as a shield to avoid responsibility for unlawful acts. “Father of the Internet” Vinton Cerf and co-founders of the Cyberspace Law Institute, among others, including members of the Church of Scientology, met to work out solutions to protect the rights of all on the Net. Members of the Church of Scientology know better than many that the freedom to communicate is a vital liberty.

  • Volume 27, Issue 6 The Psychiatric Subversion of Justice

    Unstabilized by eradication of standards of right and wrong and personal responsibility, the American jurisprudence system is tilting dangerously toward collapse. The villain? Psychiatrists who have infiltrated the courts, motivated by profit and control. In this issue of Freedom, we examine the justice system in America.

  • Volume 27, Issue 5 The Story Behind the Controversy

    Psychiatrists were largely reponsible for the rise of Nazism in the thirties by providing the scientific justifications for Hitler and his accomplices to murder millions. Many of the psychiatric architects of the holocaust escaped justice and they are once again secretly destroying the constitutional basis of our country.

  • Volume 27, Issue 4 The Internet: The Promise and the Perils

    Throughout its history, Freedom has actively used the Freedom of Information Act, educated others about the importance of exercising this right, and extensively covered freedom of information news and trends. We have filed hundreds of requests under the FOIA to many different government entities, and gained the release of tens of thousands of pages of documents.

  • May 1993 Psychiatric Genocide

    As described in this issue’s cover story, “Psychiatric Genocide,” wholesale murder and rape have been and are being committed in the former nation of Yugoslavia in alignment with a strategy of “ethnic cleansing” outlined by psychiatrists Jovan Raskovic and Radovan Karadzic.

  • 1988 Pilots on Speed — Destructive Effects Ignored by Air Force

    Destructive Effects Ignored by Air Force
    Fighter pilots are routinely prescribed dangerous amphetamines for long-distance overseas flights, and there are no plans to research alternative methods of handing the problems of sleep deprivation on solo missions, according to a spokeswoman for the U.S. Air Force....

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