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A Fire on the Cross
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Staying Clean in a toxic world

Conference on
Human Detoxification
documents one of the
major discoveries of
our times

By George Michelson

ore than three decades ago, in Silent Spring, Rachel Carson presented the specter of a world ruined by insecticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals—a world where no birds remained to sing.

Today, with 6 trillion pounds of industrial chemicals manufactured in the United States each year, we live in an increasingly toxic environmentand humans are among the casualties. While many chemicals are ingested directlyas pesticides or preservatives in food, or as drugsother toxins enter our bodies through the air we breathe, the soil our crops are grown in, and the water we drink.

Thus, the body fat of most Americans, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, contains more than 120 foreign chemicals, including lead, DDT, PCBs4 and other toxins. Researchers have found connections between such residues and damage to body organs and systems.

Scientists have long been concerned with physical problems arising from chemical exposures. That concern escalated in recent decades as more and more toxins were found in the food chain and in human bodies. Furthermore, waste spills and other industrial disasters intensify the risk of individual contamination, while nuclear accidents add a dangerous dimension to this already toxic world.

Until relatively recently, however, anyone who had accumulated high doses of chemical toxinsincluding drug residues – or who had been exposed to large doses of radiation or harbored radioactivity in his body was condemned to suffer through the rest of his usually shortened life with adverse effects that could include headaches, tremors, fatigue, dizziness and various diseases, including cancer.

But then a major advancement occurred, one that opens a brighter future to those who suffer from this toxic assault.

Reducing the Body’s Burden of Toxins

In the 1970s, observing the adverse physical, mental and spiritual effects of chemical substances upon individuals, L. Ron Hubbard developed a program to eliminate drug residues and toxic chemicals that accumulate in fat tissues and which can harm health, perception and learning rate.

The program employs exercise, sweating in a sauna, vitamins and minerals to flush poisons from the body. Utilized since 1978 in the Church of Scientology, where it is known as the Purification Program, it has been successfully completed by more than 126,000 people.

Another 7,000 have completed the Narconon (“no drugs”) New Life Detoxification Program, the secular drug prevention and rehabilitation program based on Mr. Hubbard’s methods. (For more information on Narconon, see “Narconon Celebrates 30th Anniversary” and “The Narconon Solution”.)

Over the last 15 years, an increasing number of scientific studies of the program have been conducted in secular settings. Mr. Hubbard’s program has not only been found to safely and effectively reduce drug residuals, but also to relieve the burden of foreign chemicals that accumulate in bodies in our drug- and chemical-oriented society. No human detoxification method aimed at removing fat-stored chemicals has been more widely implemented; it is the only program of its kind whose safety and efficacy is extensively documented.

Scientists, Medical Doctors, Detoxification Experts Discuss Program

Scientists, medical doctors, government officials, environmentalists, drug rehabilitation experts and detoxification specialists recently gathered in Los Angeles for an International Conference on Human Detoxification. Sponsored by the Association for Better Living and Education, the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education, Government Technology magazine and the Association of Human Detoxification Specialists, the conference was attended by representatives of 10 nations and furnished evidence that Mr. Hubbard’s solution to a toxic environment deserves broad implementation.

Speakers included toxicologist Dr. William Marcus (a senior scientist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); Dr. Forest Tennant, a national leader in drug rehabilitation and author of more than 200 scientific articles, books and videos about neurochemistry and drug dependency; and John Duff, president of Narconon International.

Dr. Tennant explained to attendees how drug residues in the body are responsible for the high rates of rehabilitation failure in most programs. “Once a drug of abuse hits the blood stream and makes its first pass through the liver, the drug is altered and something called a byproduct, or metabolite, is formed,” he said. “It is the metabolite that gets stored in the body fat.”

Dr. Tennant presented the findings of a study he recently conducted with Narconon research director Dr. Shelley Beckmann which demonstrates that the detoxification program developed by Mr. Hubbard increases the excretion of drug metabolites from the body.

Other authorities at the conference described dramatic and even life-saving case histories from the detoxification program and presented studies on subjects who had been monitored and tested for chemical levels by means of biopsies of fat tissues and analysis of blood, sweat and urine.

Scientists have long been concerned with physical problems arising from chemical exposures. That concern escalated in recent decades as more and more toxins were found in the food chain and in human bodies.

One of the first studies of the program’s effectiveness involved Michigan residents exposed to high doses of polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)—highly toxic chemical carcinogens—found in a fire retardant accidentally ingested by livestock in 1973 and located afterward in virtually all Michigan residents. Five years after the disaster, a team from Mount Sinai Medical School in New York concluded that once PBB was stored in the body, it was there more or less permanently.

While on Mr. Hubbard’s program, however, a dramatic 35 percent average reduction of PBB levels occurred in those tested. A follow-up examination four months later showed PBBs had reduced by 59 percent. The continuing reduction of contaminants even after program completion, since demonstrated in other studies, raised the possibility that the program actually improves the body’s natural capabilities to eliminate toxins.

Another study described at the conference involved firefighters in Louisiana who had suffered adverse effects following an intense 1987 fire at the Louisiana State University Medical Center. Certain firemen—exposed to PCBs and other poisons at the blaze and in the cleanup afterwards—complained of such symptoms as numbness in the extremities, burning sensations and tingling. Fourteen firefighters completed the program to beneficial results, as measured by five scientific tests. Memory, cognitive function and motor speed each improved.

In Southern California, 22 painters exposed to lead and other toxic chemicals in the course of their work completed the program. Improvements were reported in such problem areas as vision, memory, headaches, joint pain, weakness and impotence. Twelve of 13 who had been off work due to chemical poisoning were able to return to work. Thirteen Los Angeles Police Department officers exposed to high doses of toxic chemicals at the site of a fire were also treated, with similarly favorable results.

Case Histories

David Root, a physician with degrees in both medicine and public health who served as chairman of the conference, stated, “The bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals, whether from environmental contamination or substance abuse, is a public health problem of international significance. Each year brings new research findings concerning the adverse consequences of chemical body burdens.”

Dr. Root described a woman he supervised on the program who had been exposed to toxic chemicals over a six-month period at her job as a maintenance worker at a large manufacturing facility. The woman suffered chloracne5, extreme fatigue and other reactions to the chemicals to such a degree she was unable to work. She was constantly tired, even though she slept 12 hours a day.

On the fourth day on the program, a blackish, greasy substance began to ooze through the pores of her skin while in the sauna. On succeeding days this substance continued to seep through her skin in gradually lessening amounts. As a result of the program, the chloracne, fatigue and other symptoms of chemical poisoning cleared up, and she was authorized to return to work.

In another case, a police officer repeatedly exposed to drugs in a storage facility operated by a metropolitan police department suffered severe nausea, dizziness, headaches and tremors. Following completion of the program, he reported that his headaches had disappeared and his other symptoms had reduced greatly. His wife stated that the program saved his life.

A man who ingested a mixture of antifreeze and other petrochemicals in an industrial accident had a bleak prognosis indeed. His condition worsened in the weeks and months following the accident until what appeared to be a chemically induced Parkinson’s disease developed, with convulsions, tremors and other symptoms. After completing the detoxification program under the supervision of Dr. Root, the man’s condition improved dramatically and the convulsions and tremors disappeared. He was able to return to work.

Churches of Scientology's Purification Program
Utilized since 1978 in Churches of Scientology, the Purification Program has been successfully completed by more than 133,000 people. It employs exercise, sweating in a sauna, vitamins and minerals to flush poisons from the body. Over the last 15 years, an increasing number of scientific studies of the program have been conducted in the secular environment. This detoxification program has not only been found to safely and effectively reduce drug residuals, but also to relieve the burden of foreign chemicals that accumulate in bodies in our drug- and chemical-oriented society.

Relieving the Harmful Effects of Radiation

Environmental poisoning also comes in the forms of radiation and radioactivity. Those exposed to high doses are susceptible to cancer, leukemia and other diseases.

In the April 1986 Chernobyl disaster, tens of millions of people were affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that Chernobyl unleashed 200 times the combined radiation from both bombs dropped on Japan during World War II. Among children in the area most exposed to Chernobyl’s radiation, thyroid cancer has increased many times its normal rate, according to WHO.

In the region around Chernobyl before the accident, roughly one child in a million had thyroid cancer. By 1994, it had increased to 36 cases per million. In Gomel, north of the reactor—the direction in which the wind was blowing during and after the accident—WHO estimated in November 1995 that thyroid cancers in children had reached more than 100 cases per million.

Studies in Russia

In 1991, after hearing of results from the detoxification program, the Academy of Medical Science of the Soviet Union invited a team to conduct a study of the program’s effectiveness in regard to elimination of radioactive atoms found in the body.

Twenty men from the Kaluga region subjected to fallout from Chernobyl completed the program, with measurements indicating that the program accelerated the elimination of the radioisotope Cesium-137 from the body, along with improvements in their own subjective feelings of well-being. The first to complete it, Dr. Nikolai Voronsov, now serves as spokesman for Human Detoxification Services International, and works to help others through the program.

In 1993, a second study was conducted in Russia with 24 chemical workers in Usolye Sirbiskoye, a town in eastern Siberia whose livelihood depended upon chemical plants that were heavy polluters. With high levels of lead and mercury in the water system—and toxic amounts of 17 other poisons, including dioxin7, chlorine, nitrates and hydrochloric acid found in the town—Usolye Sirbiskoye is plagued with infant mortality, worker disability and early deaths. Four medical doctors were the first through the program. These then administered the program to 24 chemical workers who had been exposed to toxic substances for an average of 20 years.

Because of Mr. Hubbard’s detoxification procedure, he said, “It’s really a new era in drug rehabilitation.” Drug addiction, he added, long considered a fatal disease in Russia, no longer needs to be.

During the detoxification process and afterward, mercury and lead levels were closely monitored. Within three weeks after completion of the program, mercury and lead levels reduced to zero and remained there during ensuing follow-up tests. All of the participants reported increases in energy levels and work capacity, while 80 percent reported improvements in personal relationships as well.

The finding that toxins continued to be eliminated from the body after completion of the program reinforced the finding from previous studies that the program mobilizes and promotes excretion of foreign compounds.

More than 400 Russians, including 46 medical doctors, have since completed the program.

Seven of those who did so had been exposed to massive doses of radiation in a nuclear accident in the 1970s near Chelyabinsk. As one detoxification expert quipped, these men had been so thoroughly irradiated that “If you turned out the light, they glowed.”

Fourteen children exposed to radioactivity from Chernobyl completed the detoxification program in 1995 in a study which monitored removal of Cesium-137 from their bodies. James Barnes, a health physicist at Rockwell Aerospace, reviewed the results of this study and concluded that the rate of elimination of Cesium-137 was significantly accelerated by the program. He told the conference that all of the youngsters experienced significant reductions, and in many cases total elimination, of their contamination.

Sixteen other children exposed during the disaster have subsequently completed the program.

Over the last decade, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health, the American Public Health Association, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the United Nations Environmental Program and other organizations have published papers on the results of Mr. Hubbard’s detoxification procedure.

One of the speakers at the conference, Dr. Megan Shields, who has administered the delivery of the program to thousands of people in the Los Angeles area, stated, “This is the only detoxification program that actually works. It is one of the major discoveries of our times. It is also one of the most vital actions that must be done to help a civilization that is dying from the devastating effects of drugs and toxins.”

For more information on the Purification Program and where the program is available, call (800) 334-5433.

For more information on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, contact Narconon International at (800) 468-6933.
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