Book Review

Psychiatrists The Men Behind Hitler

Freedom Publishing

Reviewed by Mari Finlan

t was Hitler who did it, or so we have always thought. That ugly disgraceful period of history we call the Holocaust was all because of Hitler, a madman fixated on the insane notion of purifying the race by murdering everyone he considered impure.

      We consider Hitler and the Holocaust part of the same package, and think we are free of it because Hitler is gone. Hitler was a madman, whose brutal policies, we assume, originated from his own demented soul. Consider the idea that he and the rest of German society had to be convinced. Then consider the blackness of soul of those who spent years in the calculated, systematic process of convincing them.

      In Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler, authors Thomas Roeder, Volker Kubillus and Anthony Burwell show us conclusively that it did not start with Hitler and we cannot afford the complacency of thinking it ended with him. The madness of the Holocaust started long before Hitler came to power, before he even reached maturity.

      The first part of this three-part volume focuses on showing where the Nazi ideology originated. The authors have produced an enormous catalog of names and incriminating events. One can almost become lost in the sheer volume of material, but in the end the picture is more than clear, and we find that the psychiatrists are most damned by their own words.


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