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People May Lie, Numbers Don’t

  • Number of basic questions from the Church that The New Yorker ducked—about such topics as the article’s subject, areas it would cover, who would be interviewed that the Church may need to respond to, and ethical issues raised: 23
  • Number of new Churches opened while the article was being written: 7 (Las Vegas, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Pasadena, Seattle and Melbourne)
  • Number of mentions of new Churches in the article: 0
  • Number of videos on the Church’s website accessible to The New Yorker that could have accurately educated Wright about the Church and what it is doing: more than 500
  • Number of pages of online content to educate Wright on the Church: more than 67,000
  • Number of times Lawrence Wright flew to Los Angeles while “researching” his article: at least 3
  • Number of times Wright set foot inside a Church facility in Los Angeles: 0
  • Number of yards from The New Yorker’s offices in the Condé Nast building to the nearest Church of Scientology, which was never visited by an editor or fact checker over the 10 months Lawrence Wright worked on the article: 477
  • Number of minutes it takes to walk from The New Yorker offices to the nearest Church of Scientology: less than 5
  • Total words of The New Yorker article: 24,605
  • Total words devoted to Church expansion: 0
  • Number of mentions in The New Yorker article of Church-sponsored drug prevention and education, human rights, Volunteer Ministers, drug rehabilitation, criminal reform and other humanitarian programs: 0

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