Planned to Perfection: Scientology Mecca Enters Final Construction Phase

Planned to Perfection:
Scientology Mecca Enters
Final Construction Phase

Final interior construction of the Flag Mecca is now underway. When completed, the doors will open on 377,000 square feet specifically dedicated to the full Bridge of Scientology religious services—including 22 separate course rooms seating 1,800 parishioners at any one time, in addition to over 300 Church counseling rooms servicing another 1,200 each day. The top floors of the new building are reserved for “Super Power,” a series of Scientology counseling services offered nowhere else.

That expansion has taken on whole new dimensions in the last 18 months. First there was the opening of the 172,000-square-foot Oak Cove on January 1, 2008. Its renovation provided both accommodations for visiting Scientologists as well as space devoted to the delivery of Flag religious services.

The subsequent grand opening of the new Fort Harrison on March 14, 2009, marked the end of phase two with the renovation and restoration of all 267,000 square feet.

And so began the final phase of construction on the Flag Mecca building. Attached by an elevated footbridge to the Fort Harrison, work is already well underway.

Visitors Welcome

While the Scientology Mecca will minister to Scientologists on a large scale, its doors will also be open wide to anyone who wishes to find out about Scientology. Visitors will be welcomed at any time in the Mecca’s grand lobby where will reside a comprehensive Public Information Center with multimedia presentations laying out the fundamentals of the Scientology religion, the Church’s worldwide humanitarian and social betterment programs, and the life and legacy of the Founder of the Scientology religion, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.